Where are you? Where do you want to go? How do you plan to get there?

A financial plan is the road map and the first step in answering these questions. FPA wealth advisors will help define your current objectives and future aspirations by listening to you and understanding your goals. By thoroughly reviewing your current assets, liabilities and income, FPA will tailor a customized financial plan designed to meet your specific needs. And, after the road map has been developed, FPA advisors have the expertise and solutions to advise and guide you on the best method to get you where you want to go. As you journey your path of life, FPA advisors will be there to assist you in any changes or challenges that arises.

Financial Planning Associates, LLC provides fee-based comprehensive financial planning, which includes, but is not limited to:

• Income Tax Planning
• Retirement Planning
• Risk Management
• College Funding
• Cash Flow Planning
• Estate Tax Planning
• Investment Planning


At Financial Planning Associates, LLC we understand there are a multitude of options when it comes to investing. In working with us, you are backed by a team of investment professionals dedicated to helping you navigate the evolving investment landscape and achieve your financial goals.

Our Philosophy

We believe an investment portfolio should be based on a thorough, objective understanding of your financial situation and goals, and that having access to a wide assortment of asset allocation approaches, portfolio strategists and investment solutions better ensures your investment portfolio addresses your specific circumstances. Whether you are focused on accumulating wealth, structuring the wealth you’ve already accumulated to meet income or other distribution needs, or some combination thereof, we are committed to making recommendations that are non-biased, reflecting only our assessment and analysis.

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Custody of Assets

Financial Planning Associates, LLC uses independent third party custodians to hold our client assets. The following custodians are available through our platform:

• Charles Schwab
• AssetMark Trust Company
• Pershing
• TD Ameritrade
• Fidelity

All accounts with these custodians are SIPC insured.

Financial Planning Fees :

FPA is compensated on a fee for service basis. FPA advisors will meet with prospective clients for a free, no obligation initial consultation. If FPA is hired to consult and tailor a financial plan, the fees are determined by the complexity of each client’s financial situation. Fees may be tax deductible.

Investment Advisory Fees :

FPA receives an annual fee based upon the level of assets under management for each client. Please refer to our fee schedule on ADV Part 2A.

All fees are completely transparent and disclosed upfront before any implementation occurs.

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